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A green roof is a layered ballasted roof that has a growing medium and plants on top of a waterproof membrane. A green roof can be installed in place of a traditional roof and provide numerous benefits both immediately and over time.

Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular as a way to reduce energy consumption, support biodiversity, and make good use of otherwise unused space. Green roofs, also known as "vegetated" or "living" roofs, first appeared in parts of the world where building materials were scarce, and turf was used as a roofing material. Green roofs now replace hard infrastructure with one that is not only more efficient but also more beautiful and functional.

Environmental Benefits

Mitigates Urban Heat Island: Green roofs cool and humidify the surrounding air, creating a microclimate that benefits the surrounding area.
Biodiversity: Green roofs promote biodiversity by encouraging wildlife such as birds, butterflies, and insects to stay in cities.
Air quality: The vegetation of a green roof can reduce air pollution through the consumption of carbon dioxide emissions and the resulting production of oxygen. Green roof vegetation aids in the removal of dust and smog particles.

Efficiency & Strength

Increased Life Expectancy of the Roof: A green roof, like a PMR (Protected Membrane Roof) Assembly, protects the roof membrane from climatic extremes and physical abuse, extending the roof's life significantly.
Storm Water Retention: A green roof, depending on its design, can typically reduce storm water run-off by 50 to 90%. Furthermore, the peak flow volume is significantly reduced, and the peak flow period is delayed by up to 4 hours, reducing the impact on existing sewer systems.
Longevity: Green roofs protect the membrane of the roof from weather events such as wind, hail, and rain, as well as UV rays from the sun, allowing the roof to last up to twice as long as non-green roofs.

Flexibility & Value Added

Additional Usable Space: It just makes sense to convert or design normally unused roof areas into green roofs. Increase the value of your property by reclaiming the fifth elevation of a building and converting it into an amenity for the building's occupants.
Building Incentives: More and more municipalities and other government agencies are providing incentives that can help off-set the cost of a green roof.
Additional Thermal Resistance: Green roofs can help to reduce cooling costs by improving the thermal resistance of the roof assembly throughout the year.
Reduced noise levels: Extensive green roofs (3′′ – 4" growing media) can reduce reflective sound by up to 3 dB and improve sound insulation by up to 8 dB. This works best for buildings near airports, factories, or busy highways.

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From aging infrastructure to increased pressure on resources to the severity of natural disasters, cities and municipalities are confronting complexities that are as unique as the people who live there.

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Green Roof: Roofing Services | Emmaty Exteriors Green Roof: Roofing Services | Emmaty Exteriors