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We understand the complexities of providing the absolute best in industry commercial roofing installations while ensuring minimal or no disruption to your daily operations. Emmaty Exteriors is your go-to roofer for commercial roof replacement.

Commercial Roof Systems


Assisting you in determining your commercial roofing options - All major roof systems are installed by experienced crews who deliver unrivaled craftsmanship and are backed by a Single Source Warranty.

Commercial Roof Services


Learn about our commercial roofing services: New Roof Construction, Commercial Roof Repairs, Roof Replacement and Preventative Roof Maintenance.


Assisting you in determining your commercial roofing options - All major roof systems are installed by experienced crews who deliver unrivaled craftsmanship and are backed by a Single Source Warranty.



New Roof Construction

Emmaty Exteriors has been providing commercial new roof construction to General Contractors, Government Bodies, and Self-Performing Organizations for over 10 years.

Our skilled operations team understands project coordination strategies and how to collaborate effectively with construction management contract teams to complete the job correctly and on time.

We have a meeting, or several meetings, before we begin designing your new roof system to listen to your project goals and review the site.

Only then will we begin designing the system that will meet your specific requirements.

Our team will prepare a proposal for you with detail materials to be used, expected warranties, timeline and installation procedure.

Leak Investigation & Repair

Do you want to know what happens when our team comes to investigate your building? Let us give you a quick rundown of what happens when we respond to a leak call.

First, the salesperson will go inside the building and speak to the onsite point of contact. If there are any water stains or active indoor leaks, we will take a look at them then. If the business has ceiling tiles, then our team will remove those tiles and look at the type of deck on the building.

The next step is to go on the roof. We will then search around any holes, open seams, or penetrations that might be open in the leak area. Depending on the job, we can utilize density gauges or infrared cameras (used at nighttime only) to see if any of the insulation is wet which allows us to track it at the point of entry.

After inspecting the damage, our team will prepare a proposal with photo documentation to share our findings.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Is your commercial building's roof showing signs of wear and tear? Roof replacement may be the best option for keeping your building watertight, protected from the elements, and as safe for your customers and employees as possible.

If regular repairs and maintenance aren't working, a reroof is the best way to restore your roof to excellent condition and make it easier to manage.

We understand the complexities of providing the best commercial roof replacement while ensuring minimal to no disruption to your daily operations.

Our expert team will inspect and document your current roof system with photos and detailed description of necessary roof replacement work.

We will provide a value-engineered solution for your roof replacement that is sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing.


This program was designed to maximize your investment and protect your roof today. A preventative maintenance program is a routine, comprehensive commercial roof maintenance program that is tailored to your specific requirements. This program is intended to increase the overall service life of your roof.

A preventative maintenance program includes:

1. An inspection

Our knowledgeable Emmaty Exteriors service team will inspect your roof. To ensure that nothing is overlooked, we use a detailed checklist and a thorough inspection process, the checklist includes:

Defective areas
Deterioration points
Roof accessories and assemblies that have been compromised

2. Recommendations

Based on the inspection and your specific needs, our associates will create a customized plan with recommendations to keep your roof in good condition. Examples of recommendations are:

Roof debris removal and cleaning
Seals for pipes
Housekeeping in general
Repairing leaks
Updates to remain OSHA compliant
Caulk terminations
And more.

3. Implementation

Based on our recommendations, we will collaborate with you to create a schedule and plan of action for routine roof care and maintenance. We will arrive to perform the scheduled roofing service/repairs and will provide you with a report once our work is completed.


Benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Program for Commercial Roofs

Increase the lifespan of your roof.

Saving money by preventing minor problems and avoiding unplanned repairs.

A thorough understanding of your roof's condition.

The assurance that your roof is supported by a partner who cares.

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Commercial Roofing Services Contractor | Emmaty Exteriors Commercial Roofing Services Contractor | Emmaty Exteriors