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It can be harnessed in all areas of the world and is available every day. We cannot run out of solar energy, unlike some of the other sources of energy. Solar energy will be accessible as long as we have the sun, therefore sunlight will be available to us for at least 5 billion years when according to scientists the sun is going to die.

The sun's abundant power offers an unlimited source of energy that does not strip the landscape or harm the ozone layer. Residential solar energy systems represent an investment in the future of the planet, conserving non-renewable energy sources and protecting the environment.

This is a stark contrast to fossil fuels which are finite and scarce. Fossil fuels are formed from the remains of plants and animals that died hundreds of millions of years ago. We are extracting and burning millions of years of fossil fuels at an alarming rate. And we are exceedingly efficient at it such as the advent of fracking. Although it's hard to know how much longer we can live on fossil fuels (most estimates are 100 years at current levels of population growth), we do know fossil fuels will not last forever. Over time, fossil fuels will become more scarce and more expensive.


One of the biggest reasons to go solar is that you can eliminate or significantly reduce your electric bill. An average monthly electric bill of $100 becomes an annual $1,200 expense. Over 20 years, that same $100 monthly bill balloons to $24,000 paid to your utility, and that’s before factoring in electricity rate increases that will likely make your 20-year energy costs even higher. Installing a solar panel system at your home or business takes you out of this cycle.

Going solar can eliminate your electric bill completely or reduce it so dramatically that electricity costs are no longer a significant factor in your budget. Since you will be meeting most of your energy needs with the electricity your solar system generates, your energy bills will drop. How much you save on your bill will be dependent on the size of the solar system and your electricity usage. Moreover, not only will you be saving on the electricity bill, there is also a possibility to receive payments for the surplus energy that you export back to the grid, if you generate more electricity than you use.


Once solar is installed, that’s about it. You can set it, leave it, monitor it, and enjoy the electricity it produces for decades to come. A new solar system will continue to generate clean energy 30+ years. There is very little additional cost required to operate and maintain a solar array. There are no additional and fluctuating fuel costs and no moving parts to service. Standard systems come with a monitoring capabilities so you can track system performance in real-time on your smartphone or other device, generate reports and brag to your friends.

Residential Solar energy systems don’t require a lot of maintenance. You only need to keep them relatively clean, so cleaning them a couple of times per year will do the job. This low cost, basic cleaning routine, ensures that the sun can shine brightly on the panel, maximizing the amount of light available to turn into electrical power.


Right now, the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is worth 26% of your total system cost. You are only allowed to claim the credit if you own your system. This is why we’re strongly opposed to solar leasing. If another company leases you the system, they still own the equipment, so they get to claim the incentives.

You’ll still get the benefits of cheap, renewable energy if you lease. But missing out on the tax credit is a huge blow to getting a positive ROI from your system. It makes more sense to take advantage of solar financing instead. You retain rights to the incentives that help make solar such a sound investment.

Starting in 2020, the value of the tax credit is 26%, and then will step down to 22% in 2021. After 2021, the tax credit for residential solar ends. In addition, purchased residential solar panels can improve the resale value of your home. According to Zillow Economic research, homes with solar-energy systems sold for 4.1% more on average than comparable homes without solar power. For the median-valued home, that translates to an additional $9,274.


The dramatic drop in the cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules, which has fallen by 99 percent over the last four decades, is a major success story for renewable energy technology. You’ll save money on maintenance too, since there are no moving parts to break down.


Multiple studies show that owning roof-top solar significantly increases the value of your home. Researchers found that buyers were willing to pay a premium of $15,000 for a home with the average-size solar photovoltaic system (3.6 kilowatts, or 3,600 watts), compared with a similar home without one. Put another way, that translates to about four additional dollars per watt of solar power.

The time for solar is now. See if it is right for you. We’re here to help every step of the way. Contact our Emmaty Exteriors advisers for a complimentary solar energy system quote today.



At Emmaty Exteriors, we’re proud of the fact that we are locally owned and operated, meaning that we live and work in the very community that we serve.



You will own the system, so the solar tax credit is available to you! Homeowners who install a PV system under a PPA or Solar Lease are not eligible for the ITC.



Your Enphase Enlighten online solar monitoring system will allow you to stay updated and keep track of the energy consumption

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Solar Installation Services Benefits | Emmaty Exteriors Solar Installation Services Benefits | Emmaty Exteriors